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Introduction to Vibration and Shock Testing    Duration: 1 Day     Registration Link: 
Introduction to MIL-STD-810H                         Duration: 1 Day     Registration Link:
Comprehensive Training on MIL-STD-810H       Duration: 3 Days  Registration Link:
Comprehensive Training for Vibration/Shock Testing   Duration: 3 Days  Registration Link:!
Online Training School
Online courses currently offered:
Introduction to Vibration and Shock Testing  Registration Link:   
  • Need help with Reliability, Testing, or Validation Plans, setup, and execution? 
  • Need help selecting test equipment and designing a test lab?
  • Need help with improving a Design (Design for Reliability) and developing DFMEA(s)? 
  • Need training in Reliability and Validation Testing and Equipment usage?
  • Need help with sequencing tests?  
Contact us today and let us help you get the most out of your product.
  • *NEW* Need help with finding a test lab, proving ground, or test facility for your product?  I can help!  Reach out to me at to get started.

  • Reliability, Verification, and Test Plan Development and Consultation 

  • Sample Size Determination

  • Test Lab Design and Test Equipment Selection

  • Reliability and Validation Test Training

  • Vibration, Shock, Temperature, Humidity Training

  • DFMEA Development and Consultation

  • DVP/R Development and  Consultation

  • Sequencing tests for test leg and test sequence series


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Tom Resh is a highly experience Reliability, Test, and Validation expert with a proven track record for developing reliability and validation test plans, designing and building test labs, developing DFMEAs and DVP/Rs, and improving product designs for reliability and customer performance.

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