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Tom Resh Featured on Medium

Here is an article I was featured in for Medium for the launch of my new training and consulting business.


For Thomas Resh, reliability, test, and validation engineering has become a lifelong passion. Having worked for numerous prestigious companies, such as SpaceX, Amazon Lab126, Northrop Grumman, and Element Materials Technology in highly technical engineering roles, he has developed the skills and knowledge to be a leading expert in his field. Currently serving as the Director of Testing at Karma Automotive, Tom will be leaving his role at the end of 2019 to begin his own consulting firm, Resh Tech. Additionally, he will also utilize his skills to help develop the first 3rd party testing lab for EV and high voltage batteries on the west coast.

With his background in reliability and testing, Tom felt that continuing to work for one single company would be a waste of his extensive expertise. He is passionate about building reliability, validation, and test programs and labs from the ground up, as well as offering his services in a consulting capacity to help new companies get a competitive foothold in the industry.

Tom’s passion is easily backed by the skills he has honed during his career. He previously worked to design and launch multiple EV and battery test labs, including that at Romeo Power Technology, where he was the Director of System Integrity. In his current role with Karma Automotive, he designed a central testing organization from scratch. And in many of Tom’s previous roles, he was responsible for establishing the reliability and testing programs to meet the business’s needs.

Not only does he enjoy helping businesses develop, but Tom also enjoys helping people learn. He has a passion for mentoring and teaching others about his craft. On YouTube, Tom runs one of the top reliability and testing channels, where he shares his experience and knowledge with those willing to learn. He also plans to offer classrooms and hands-on training courses through Resh Tech, which will help him mentor and allow his students to receive in-person instructions.

With Tom’s upcoming venture, he hopes to share his expertise with businesses that require an expert. His knowledge will help improve developing reliability and testing programs, allowing for innovation and new advancements in EV and battery technologies. It will be only a matter of time before Resh Tech will become a widely known name within the industry.

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