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Selecting Tests Based on Requirements and Lists- Reliability and Validation Test Plan Development

Selecting what tests to perform can seem like a daunting task to those who are in a position that is responsible for test plan development of a new product.

There are several plans that need to be developed based on the following areas:

1. Product Safety

2. Product Performance and Functionality

3. Product Reliability

4. Functional Safety

5. Regulatory, Compliance, and Certification

So how do we go about selecting tests for our development of each of the test plans above?

The following diagram provides insight into the development process from a Reliability and Validation Testing perspective:

As you can see, development of tests are based on your requirements and determined risks for each feature, function, and part of your product. Prioritizing risks will help you develop a test plan that will provide test coverage to ensure safety, performance, and reliability of your product.

Another method that I am a huge proponent for is linking your sampling plan Reliability and Confidence levels to your risk priority. I will discuss this in detail in a later blog.

To learn how to determine sample sizes for your testing (Test Sample Size Determination / Test Sampling Plans): Feel free to watch my video that provides clarity into sampling plans and different methods you can use for determining your test sample size:

What more insights into Reliability and Validation test plan development and learn about the theory and application of different types of environmental, mechanical, and electrical tests?

Follow my channel and watch my videos on these topics as I share my industry knowledge with you!

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