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Resh Technical Solutions
Value Statement
Resh Technical Solutions brings expertise and innovation to reliability, test, and validation engineering while helping customers maximize their products and brand equity.
Mission Statement
Resh Technical Solution’s mission is to provide World-Class Reliability, Test, and Validation Consulting, Development, and Training services for all companies and industries by sharing knowledge and expertise, utilizing a diverse, multi-industry working background, and driving results backed by a proven track record.
What Resh Tech Can Offer

Resh Tech offers a wide range of services from consulting, Training on Vibration, Temperature, and Shock Testing, to developing test plans, to designing labs, to developing DFMEA(s), to development of DVP/R(s), to design for reliability, to creating sampling plans tailored to your product.  Resh Tech can help!

Don't have requirements?  That's ok!  We offer consulting and years of expertise in aerospace, automotive, consumer product, medical, military, industrial, and many other fields that allow us to help you develop requirements, identify design and production risks, and tailor a test plan that will meet your product reliability needs.

A world class product starts with a world class testing program and Resh Technical Solutions is here to help!

Our Team
Tom Resh, Reliability, Test, and Validation Consultant and Instructor | Phone: (669) 226-1486

Tom Resh has spent is career at many top tech companies in many different industries from automotive to military to space to consumer electronics working a prestigious firms including: Amazon Lab126, SpaceX, and Northrop Grumman.  Tom Resh has worked as a Director of Reliability, Test, and Validation for two Electric Vehicle startups that have gone public and has worked in industries and capacities ranging from garage startups to multi-billion dollar firms allowing Tom to provide companies with technical consulting and support at any stage in a company.


Tom holds a Bachelors of Science in Electronic Engineering Technology and completed Stanford University Graduate School of Business’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program.


Tom Resh manages the top YouTube Channel on for Reliability, Test, and Validation Topics.


Vibration and Shock Testing appears as a daunting and mysterious endeavor for many folks in a wide range of industries and Tom’s vision is to unveil the mysteries of how systems break and fail, how to test early to identify failure modes, and how to optimize a system design to hold up against the test of stress and time, during field operation.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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